Don, Florida

“As you are aware we are completing our third month of my involvement with you in your Windows of Opportunity coaching program. The program has been beneficial to me primarily because of your experience and another set of eyes and ears to critique my practice. Probably the most beneficial thing I have received from our work is to hit hard on taxes and tax planning. While I was doing some of this previously with your recommendation I am really talking about and creating urgency in my workshops and appointments about taxes. People don’t like to pay tax and when I am able to establish ways to prevent it they like it.

Currently I am experiencing an 80% to 100% appointment ratio in my workshops. Couples are bringing in all the stuff to our meetings and I am working plans to accomplish their goals. I am not a hard sell closer. I like to meet their needs with a good solid plan and create a personable relationship with them and they seem to come around to doing business with me.  I am on track to do in the $20 million dollar range of business including both managed money and fixed products.

The next area I am looking forward in initiating is life insurance. I’ve never done much of it but with your direction I feel I can implement it into retirement planning.

Thank you for your expertise and assistance and helping me achieve my goals.”