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Improve a potential disastrous effect in your business with the market sell off and coronavirus scare by using LogicTrac™’s proven marketing strategies and techniques.

LogicTrac™ also STOPS No Shows, prospect’s procrastination delays and the “wait and see” mentality that may be prevalent in today’s market environment and moves prospects to CLOSE even in these difficult market conditions!   (Especially helpful if you have junior associates!)

As a participant in Windows of Opportunity™, you have access to expert, one-on-one coaching and custom-tailored strategies to dominate your given market!

  • Immediate input to help with any business problem you have that might delay your progress and thorough diagnosis of the steps you need to take to quickly jumpstart your business!
  • Evaluation of past, current and possible future marketing efforts to refine them for dramatically improved response rates!
  • Coaching on new ideas to grow your new prospect list at little or no cost, cross-market other products if desired, and leverage proven techniques to mine the gold in your existing database!
  • With our Jump Start Assurance process we assist in implementing one or more new proven marketing and sales strategies including Bill’s proprietary:
    • Logic Trac™ Proprietary Marketing and Sales Process
      -Brings high net worth prospects to the realization that they need your help by igniting their emotion and stirs them to make fact based decisions.
    • Powerful Tax Discovery System
    • Emotional Referral Strategy
    • Give Until It Hurts Charity Strategy
    • CPA Checklist Referral System
    • Dynamic Real Estate Referral Process
    • Attorney Client Discovery Process
  • Sales process training to help motivate, control and close your prospect!
  • Powerful phrasing to use on your website or to create absolutely magnetic marketing pieces!
  • Time-tested seminar secrets – from invitation ideas and content to proven ways to maximize your follow-up meetings!
  • In-depth support for your office staff to improve appointment setting, productivity and efficiency!


“Quality means doing it right

when no one is looking.” –Henry Ford


Already successful? Not sure you need coaching?

Many times those who hire us for coaching are already successful with many years of experience in the business. They are consistently MDRT “Court of the Table” or “Top of the Table” or in their company’s top producers club. They have many different expertise areas including life insurance, annuities, money management, financial planning, retirement and estate planning, wealth management and more.  After going through the Windows of Opportunity™ coaching program, they see dramatic improvements.

Sometimes an advisor feels they don’t need help because they are already successful. Their calendars are full, they are very busy and things are working. They feel they don’t have time to take on anything new, but that is a huge misconception about our Windows of Opportunity™ coaching program. They may think it will take a lot more of their time, but our strategies quickly make the advisor more efficient rather than adding more work load or time commitments to an already busy schedule.  The advisor who is already successful is actually the one who benefits most from our coaching program.  They build our proprietary Logic Trac™ concept into their practice and they grow their business dramatically.


“If you don’t have time to do it right,

when will you have time to do it over?” –John Wooden


Using our proven process our coaching clients shorten the time it takes to complete a sale, their average case size goes way up, and they don’t spend time chasing people (our process helps get prospects off the fence or to stop procrastinating). The busy advisor may even have 10-15 open cases that are not closing which we can help move forward right away.

How do I know it will help me?

Here is a checklist for you to compare your numbers to our LOGICTRAC™ advisor results.

  • What is your Appointment Ratio from any event?
  • How many No Shows or cancellations of first appointments that were set at an event?
  • What is the Quality of Prospects attending?
  • What is your actual Closing Ratio of the quality prospects?
  • What is your Average Case Size?
  • Are you asking for and getting quality Referrals?
  • Are you getting Professionals & Organizations to refer their best clients to you?
  • Are you getting a client relationship before doing further discovery, planning and solution development?

Compare those to advisors using LOGICTRAC™:

  • 70-100% Appointment Ratio
  • Little to zero No Shows
  • Very high Quality of Prospects attending
  • 70+% Closing Ratio
  • $700k+ Average Case Size (some $1 mil+)
  • Getting high quality Referrals from clients with some at 60+% of their business from referrals
  • Getting multiple Professionals & Organizations to refer their best clients!
  • LOGICTRAC™ users gets the prospect to sign our engagement letter and gets them to establish a client relationship before doing any planning work or solution development.


“Your personal integrity, once established and earned,

people don’t have to think about it.  They know you.

  They know you’ll do the right thing every time.” –Rex Tillerson


You owe it to yourself to learn more about our coaching program. Contact us today at 800-874-6016 and you could increase your business 50% or more and perhaps work less.

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