About Bill Johnson

For over 30 years Bill Johnson has provided leadership to the financial services industry. Since 2002 he has been providing world class marketing consultation and coaching with many of the top financial services producers in the United States. Prior to that Bill was a multi-million dollar financial services producer for 20+ years. As an author, educator, and consultant he is recognized as a cutting edge marketing mind in the financial industry. Bill has extensive investment knowledge ranging throughout investments, insurance, annuities, estate planning, as well as, real estate investment and business management experience.


“I follow three rules:

Do the right thing, do the best you can,

and always show people you care.” –Lou Holtz

Bill has earned many industry awards and accolades throughout his years in the industry. Bill’s “sixth sense” for marketing is best described as a refreshing, uncanny, powerful force, and with laser focus Bill asks probing questions and brings fast acting, proven strategies to provide a breakthrough for his coaching clients. 

Bill and his wife Suzie have been happily married since 1980.  They have 2 grown children and have been blessed with 2 wonderful grandchildren.

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