Adam, Ohio

“As I move into my second year of working with Bill, my average client size has increased considerably throughout the year. Bill’s help allowed me to move my younger advisor into an accountant’s office. The accountant literally walked his client into the office and wrote $510,000 of annuities, $23,000 of annual premium life insurance, and a managed money account, using our review process! The accountant said, “I am so happy that our clients are getting this type of planning.”

An attorney referred me to one of his clients after speaking with Bill. We have begun to manage the client’s million dollar investment account and we closed a life insurance case as well. The client has over $1 Million in a single bank stock. As a result of our process, they committed to selling 3% of the stock each year to fund a second-to-die life insurance policy to the tune of $30,000 per year in premium.

I took a new prospect through our review process, and in the second meeting, the client agreed to transfer $1 Million to us without yet knowing all the details of the final plan. He is coming in this week to initiate $700,000 in an annuity income plan and $300,000 in managed money.

The result of our discovery process is a significant resonance with educated prospects. They quickly recognize the sophistication of our solutions and act quickly to engage with us. Working with Bill has been nothing short of transformative to my current business and to the trajectory of my career.”