Jason, Missouri

My partner and I first heard of Bill Johnson and Windows of Opportunity/LogicTrac while visiting our corporate office in Colorado Springs. One of the senior advisors and a principal of the company had been referred to Bill. He was getting weary of the business and having so many prospects never become clients. Even after he had designed the ‘perfect’ plan for them, they often did not engage or took his great work and plan to another advisor. He was frustrated and was growing weary.
He met an advisor at a function and was referred to Bill. When I met him, I could tell immediately that his level of enthusiasm for his practice had changed for the good. I found out about the LogicTrac system and then next day called and scheduled a phone conference with Bill Johnson.
To say that he has changed our practice would be a complete understatement. We had opened a new regional office in St Louis 15 months before we met Bill. Our practice was struggling as we tried to find a way to address the high net worth prospect we were seeing. St Louis is a very competitive area for financial planning with the world headquarters for Edward Jones, the regional headquarters for both Stifel Nicolaus and Wells Fargo. There is literally an Edward Jones office on every corner and in every building in Chesterfield where our offices are located, there are at least 4-5 financial planners. To say it is competitive would be a gross understatement. We used our tried and true marketing strategies including expensive dinner seminars but were having difficulty piercing the market.
We engaged with LogicTrac in July of 2015 and Bill began to teach us the process he has used so successfully around the country. It took us some time to re-program our brains to the process, but as we continued to improve on how we did everything from the seminars to more advanced coaching utilizing strategic partners, we have seen our practice thrive. We no longer give away ‘the key to highway.’ By beginning the process when we first meet a prospect, they come to the first meeting prepared (they bring tax returns and all statements as well as a rudimentary understanding of ‘the process’). We are able to reinforce the process Bill has taught us at that meeting and through the engagement letter, we are more assured the prospect will come to the next two meetings and go through the whole discovery and diagnostic process.
Our closing ratios on large cases has skyrocketed. Because of selling the process and not necessarily solutions, the ones that are not motivated to work with us leave without our secrets and we work less on creating plans that they take to another advisor. In phase II we are working in channel marketing with attorney and CPA partners. We look forward to these contacts eventually replacing our expensive and time consuming seminars.
I highly recommend Bill Johnson and his team. They bring a wealth of knowledge to the table with a unique system. If you are coachable and are up to having YOUR brain retrained, the upside has no limit.
I am more than pleased to heartily endorse Bill and welcome the opportunity to speak to anyone about his process and our experiences.