Logic Trac™ and how it can help you


Logic Trac™ helps make you demonstrably different and unique by helping prospects determine if they are making logical decisions or emotional decisions.

Logic Trac™ helps you articulate what truly makes you different from other financial advisors by using the science of the brain to help prospects follow a track or path that makes sure they are basing financial decisions on all the facts and not emotions, misconceptions, sales pressure or opinions.


“If people are informed they will do the right thing. 

It’s when they are not informed that they become

hostages to prejudice.” –Charlayne Hunter-Gault


This unique process helps them make sure their financial decisions are made in their best interest.

It helps you target new prospects correctly by taking into account investor research so you get a better quality of prospects. These are generally higher net-worth people that may not attend workshops or seek out financial advisors.

Logic Trac™ helps pinpoint the specific problems or reasons a prospect’s current plan may not accomplish what they want because their plan and decisions may have been made based on myths, misconceptions, opinions, or even critical missing facts. Logic Trac™ uses psychology; common sense and logic to help the prospect understand and accept that they are not currently using the right process and now realize they should be.

The logic process many times evokes an emotional reaction causing the prospect to desire to take necessary action. Thus, covering both opinions of what is the correct sales and marketing technique, emotion and logic, as well as assuring that the prospect is doing what is right for them.


“Efficiency is doing things right;

effectiveness is doing the right things.” –Peter Drucker


Logic Trac™ also helps weed out people you don’t want to work with. They may be too emotional or irrational and need to accept and fix other problems or issues in their life before you can help them.

In summary, Logic Trac™ helps you find out how your prospect arrived at their past financial decisions and what information they used or didn’t use to make those decisions. This helps them realize there might have been flaws in their past decision making and their decisions may not be right for them. Thus, they now clearly understand what makes you and your unique process demonstrably different and that it is needed in their life. When implemented properly in any marketing approach, you’ll see a much higher quality and quantity of prospects motivated to come in and meet with you. Then, after the first meeting, they are motivated to either pay a fee, ACAT transfer assets or engage you to move forward into deeper discovery, planning, and solutions.

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