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Take the following short survey to see where you fit in.

Are you someone who already knows everything there is to know about marketing and selling financial service products and services?  Or are you always willing to learn?

The following short quiz will help you determine where you fit in on the marketing and selling experience ladder and if Bill Johnson’s Windows of Opportunity, Inc. Coaching program could be right for you.

1. Would you like to have a brand that clearly separates you and drives activity to you? ___ yes ___ no
2. Do you have low response rates on your marketing pieces? ___ yes ___ no
3. Are your marketing pieces generating a lower than expected quality of prospects? ___ yes ___ no
4. Do you have a low (less than 50%) appointment ratio from things like seminars? ___ yes ___ no
5. Do you have prospects that schedule an appointment but then cancel or no-show? ___ yes ___ no
6. Is your average case size lower than you’d like? ___ yes ___ no
7. Do you have a low closing ratio?  50% or less? ___ yes ___ no
8. Are you having trouble closing the high net worth prospect and would like to dramatically increase that closing ratio? ___ yes ___ no
9. Do you have zero or just a small handful of referrals? ___ yes ___ no
10. Do you get zero or just a few referrals from professionals, charities, or organizations? ___ yes ___ no
11. Would you like to fill seminars to standing room only at little or no expense, and have the vast majority of attendees sign up for an appointment and give you referrals? ___ yes ___ no
12. Would you like to reach your written, realistic goals that increase substantially each year and have a plan and tracking system to reach them? ___ yes ___ no
13. Do you ever feel unfulfilled as a person or feel you aren’t in control of your time? (travel, family time, dream house/cars, church activities, community involvement) ___ yes ___ no


If you answered YES to any of these questions that is a good indication you could benefit from the…

Windows of Opportunity, Inc. Coaching Program with Bill Johnson.
Open a life-changing window of opportunity in your business today!

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“Do or do not, there is no try.” –Yoda

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