Scott, Georgia

August 16, 2017

I am happy to provide a reference for Bill Johnson with Windows of Opportunity. Since we began working with Bill in 2013, our firm has consistently and successfully increased our average client asset size from 375K to over 700K.   Bill has been a trusted resource and partner from the moment we began consulting with him. His consulting firm provides effective solutions to driving successful approaches to speaking and engaging with prospects at seminars. Not only does Bill’s LogicTrac verbiage attract larger clients, it also helps us to identify the many missing critical facts, myths, and mis-information that so many retirees and near-term retirees need to know. In addition, Bill’s entire philosophy of attracting and working with and through local professionals has reduced our overall monthly cost considerably and helped us to secure a much more suitable client for our firm. Another true benefit that we have received by being with Bill is his continuous availability to assist us with specific cases all the way to the close, and to help us secure those cases that we would not have otherwise been able to do without his help.

One last mention contains 2 more much appreciated benefits for being with Bill:

  1. We have totally done away with our dinner seminar mailer and presentation and converted to Bill’s which has greatly increased our attendance and our appointments and close ratio by over 50%.
  2. Not only has Bill’s philosophies, teaching, and consulting helped our firm grow with more qualified and larger clients, he has also been very instrumental in helping me design a complete succession plan with my 2 advisor sons and my 3rd advisor, who is a close friend of mine. I could not have achieved this level of a true legal succession plan for our firm without his help.

I have always been impressed with Bill’s personal attitude and his focus. Bill is easy to interact with and communicates well with all 4 of our advisors. I am very pleased and satisfied to be a client of Bill’s and I am looking forward to continuing our productive and successful relationship. I highly recommend Bill without reservation to any advisor in search of a very unique financial consulting and coaching firm.