Stephanie, Arizona

“In October, I decided to give the program a chance, a one year commitment.  I wanted my business to grow, I wanted to gain knowledge and frankly, I wanted to stand out from my competitors.

Since then, Bill Johnson has held scheduled weekly “coaching calls” with me.  Bill has explored and examined my seminars, my materials and my techniques.  Additionally, Bill has required that I video my seminar presentation and send it to him for review.  By now, I think I have done that three times.  Each time Bill has offered constructive criticism so that I might improve.  Sometimes the advice and feedback is somewhat difficult to hear but I signed on with Windows of Opportunity to be my business coach, not to be my “yes man”.

The results show this; since my affiliation with Windows of Opportunity, my seminar content and delivery is much improved, my seminar appointment ratio has increased, my closure rate has increased and the net-worth of my new clients has noticeably increased. (UPDATE: She did $25 million for the year!)

For someone who is attempting to grow their business, I would recommend making the financial investment to employ Windows of Opportunity to be your business coach.”