Chris, Colorado

I wanted to give you a bit of a testimony on what Bill Johnson and the LogicTrac™ has done for my firm.

A few years ago, I heard about Bill and I began to research his website. I was finding myself in a situation where I was terribly exhausted from building phenomenal plans for our prospects and trying to convince them to implement our plan- knowing that ours was better than what they were coming in with. It was exhausting seeing our close ratios be only around 20-25%. I was still making good money, but I was in over drive and felt defeated. I kept thinking that we’re helping people so much and they would come in for a 3rd, 4th, 5th sometimes even a 6th visit and then go away and not do the business with us. I knew I had to fix it. But how? I was exhausted, I was tired, still young in my career but old enough to be worn out.

So, I contacted Bill, I poured over his website, and I began to realize, okay, there’s something here. I made the decision to take the risk, spend the money, and see if I could get Bill to help me. I wanted change, and I wanted to see if what Bill had to offer would make a difference.

Within the first few weeks, Bill gave me things to say specifically to a prospect that had cancelled his next visit. He was coming in to do an application for a $500,000 annuity. He was fully invested in mutual funds, and I was able to use LogicTrac™ techniques, and he ended up keeping his visit and we closed the deal. That was within the first month of working with Bill, and we began to close cases that maybe we would have otherwise lost.

Long story short, our close ratios went from about 20-25% to around 60-65%. We don’t meet 6-7 times with prospects. We recognize in the first visit if we want them to be clients or not. If we do, then we go into an engagement process where we commit to meet with them for the next 2 meetings, and they commit to meet with us. That has helped dramatically. Bill Johnson has helped us build an engagement process with prospects and use LogicTrac™ to help them go through a process to identify where their money is slipping through the cracks and how they’re missing a process to make good financial decisions.

For my firm, our close ratios have gone up, our sales cycle has shortened, and we’re also seeing higher net worth clients that are coming to our workshops on a regular basis. A million dollar+ client used to be a great catch for us, but now it is a normal occurrence. We’re spending a lot more time with high net worth clients. My production has gone up significantly. Two years ago I did just under $18 million in annuities. This past year my combined office did a total of about $42 million in annuities and about $38 million in assets under management.
All to say, Bill Johnson and the LogicTrac™ team have helped us significantly, and we meet with them every week to continue to improve our skills in those areas.

I hope this is helpful if you’re really considering working with Bill. If you are where I was I would tell you to #1 take the leap, and #2 do what Bill tells you to do. Don’t argue with it. Talk with him, voice your opinion, and make sure he’s listening to you but do what he says to do. Follow through. Most importantly, see if you can instill the LogicTrac™ idea into your heart.
It all starts with taking the leap. Soon, I believe the LogicTrac™ mentality will become part of you and you’ll see more and more success.