Pete, South Carolina

“Scored a perfect 100% (seminar appointment ratio), 17 out of 17, for the first time in history.  It can be done!  (Prior to this event he also reported closing his last 7 appointments) As you and I discussed over the last 6 months, I have been focusing on “acceptance.”  No, not telling my guests they had to accept what I was telling.  Rather, giving them compelling examples, stories and quantifying data so that they could come to the conclusion that money was indeed “slipping through their fingers”.  Thank you so much Bill and Mark.”

(To his wholesaler, he said: “It is ALL BILL JOHNSON !!  The guy has an IQ of like a buck fifty!”)

His earlier endorsement letter read: “Things have been going very, very well since we hired a new marketing consultant, Bill Johnson, who has doubled my business in 6 months. I had a record month with over $4 million in business. My seminar appointment ratio is up from about 33% in the past to over 60% now. (UPDATE: Now over 70% since writing this letter!)

Our goal is to move 2M per month every month, or 24M for the year. (UPDATE: Now at $37 million and only 1/2 way through the year!)

I keep an open opportunity list of possible upcoming cases. 6 months ago they looked like this: $50k, 100k, 200k, 300k, 400k, 1 mil, and 1.2 mil.

Right now they are: $600k, 690k, 800k, 1 mil, 1.4 mil, 1.5 mil, 1.7 mil, 1.8 mil, 1.9 mil, and 2 mil. So you can see the dramatic improvement since being in Bill’s coaching program.

85% of my revenue is now coming from prospects with $1million+. I also recently closed $2 million of annuities in 1 week! We are also starting to work on professional referrals. An attorney I know with $1 Billion in client assets agreed to set an appointment with us to learn more about this empowerment process.

I would recommend Bill Johnson’s Windows of Opportunity coaching program to every advisor who wants to see dramatic improvement in their business.”